Rotary Club of Sun Lakes Named 2024 CUSD Teacher of the Year

SunBird Lions Club – July 2024

Social Events

Educational Garden

Happy 4th of July

Over 600 American flags fly over the homes and streets in SunBird for each national holiday showing our appreciation for our freedom, protection, services, and to all those who make this possible. It is awesome to drive through SunBird and see this great display of respect and patriotism.

Summer Hiking at Its Best

Warren Wasescha For club hikers who spend summers in places like Colorado or Washington State, you’ve got a pretty good thing going with hiking in cooler weather. If you’re in SunBird and Sun Lakes in July, hiking can be a bit more challenging due to the heat but just as enjoyable with a bit of…

Thank You!

Chuck Heitbrink, HOA Board Treasurer A special thank you to all the volunteers helping to mail out the HOA dues statements. It is because of helpers like these folks that we are able to keep our dues manageable. Thank you for your special efforts.

SunBird Summer Pickleball

SunBird summer pickleball is in full swing! Join us for our summer hours every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7 a.m. Pickleball is a fun and energetic way to socialize and make new friends, so come on out! On a more serious note, there have been instances where emergency medical assistance was needed on the…

Relishing Pickleball: The 4th Shot

David Zapatka We have learned the importance of the 3rd shot drop and that the receiving team has the initial advantage in the rally. The question now becomes, what does the receiving team need to do to maintain their advantage? Court positioning is vital as you prepare for the 4th shot. Only the player receiving…