Men’s Golf Club News

Scott Moore

The SunBird Men’s Golf Club had its first 2024 meeting on Jan. 2, with just over 40 members joining in for coffee and donuts, including our newest member, Jerry Anders.

Scott Stohr and the board kicked things off with a bit of old business. One important topic was the open Men’s Club Executive Board position of vice president. They are looking to fill this position as soon as possible and ask that someone within our membership step forward to take on this duty. You can call Scott to ask any questions you may have regarding the responsibilities associated with this position.

Fred Garmeson gave an update on paid membership as of Jan. 1. The count is slightly down from the end of 2023, but by the time you read this, we should be trending up closer to that end-of-year count.

Dave White gave the attendees a deeper understanding of the Lift-Clean-and-Place rule and defined what the legal “teeing” area is that can be used on the tee. Did you know that you can go up to two full club lengths further back from the tee markers as long as you stay within the “parallel lines” of the tee markers?

There was a very important bit of new business brought up that all members should be aware of and should weigh in on at the next meeting. Don Hunt and Jack Cooper proposed to change the format for Thursday’s Men’s play at the meeting. The current format with the Hole 3 on the Green game has been difficult to manage over the past couple of years between who is in, money count, and number of weekly payouts. Their proposal would eliminate the optional Hole 3 game and create a new weekly Deuce Pot game as part of the Thursday play that everyone participates in. The current Thursday entry fee is $5 plus $1 optional for the Hole 3 on the Green game. The proposed change would make Thursday play a mandatory $6 total, with the extra dollar funding the Deuce Pot game. This proposal must be voted on by the Men’s Club membership to be enacted. A deeper explanation and voting on this proposal will take place at the next meeting on Feb. 6, so please attend and have your voice heard and vote counted.

Below is a reminder of some of the upcoming SunBird Golf tournament dates:

• Couples Net Tournament, Feb. 2

• Round 1 Club Championship, Feb. 8

• Round 2 Club Championship, Feb. 15

Don Hunt gave his H-I-O report for the month, although it seemed to me that he should have given it under the old business part of the meeting: There were no aces in Men’s Club for December!

Hope to see you at the next meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 6, at 9 a.m.