Men’s Golf Club News

Jeff Seaman

Scott Moore

The April 4 Men’s Club meeting was held on the patio. It was a cool, breezy morning. Thank goodness newly elected president Scott Stohr conducted business quickly. How cool and windy was it? Let’s just say attendance was a bit lower, and we still ran out of coffee before the meeting even started!

Dave White gave a pop quiz and answer on Rule 13 regarding how to play your ball if it lands on the green of another hole. The short answer is, “Don’t.” Two reasons why you don’t want to “play the ball where it lies” in this instance: 1) Brendan doesn’t like to fix divots on the greens, and 2) it’s a two-stroke penalty.

The Executive Committee continues to work toward evolving and hopefully improving the Thursday play program year over year. To that end, the 2023-24 Men’s Thursday golf schedule was presented at the meeting and is now posted by the Pro Shop. It includes over 20 play dates. A few new twists have been made for the upcoming season. The Welcome Back luncheon has been replaced with a Member-Guest play date on Dec. 14, which will include free lunch for the member and his guest. Bring a guest who is not already a Men’s Club member! Also, the Feb. 1 game will be a Gross String game where each player will get a piece of “gimme” string, one foot long for each one stroke of handicap.

The combined Men’s/Ladies Step Aside Scramble and Awards Luncheon was held on March 24. Approximately 96 golfers participated and enjoyed a great lunch on the patio afterwards. Team winners for the day included:

1st: Dale Stoke, Margie Leach, Joann Baker, Jackie Huyghebaert

2nd: Rod McInnes, Dave Edington, Margaret Munsch, Steve Cockrell

3rd: Greg Smith, Jeff Wallace, Pauline Cantera, Elaine Carle

4th: Bob Gerber, Wendie Cameron, Scott Moore, Gail Holland

5th: Bill Doneske, Dolly White, Marsha Brockish, Guy Lund

Two additional winners were announced after lunch. The cream that rose to the top for the Men’s Club season awards were Doug Latham, the SunBird Cup Champion, and Jeff Seaman, our 2022-23 Club Champion. Congratulations to Doug and Jeff!

Sandbaggers Roll Call: Don Hunt is a great guy. He would like nothing better than to give out all the money in the hole-in-one pot. He has asked that we all aim a bit better, especially on the par 3s, during league play.

Until next month, Fore!