It’s time to trim your palm trees

Bonnie Marcus, Community Administrator

Just a friendly reminder that as summer is approaching us it is time to have your palm trees trimmed. Pruning should be performed no more than once a year if done, preferably at the end of June or July.

Please determine if it is time for you to prune your palm tree.

Prune to remove dead or dying fronds

To remove potential fire hazards, especially near buildings or your home

To prevent damage to buildings or homes during high winds

To remove fruit, seeds and flowers

To prevent breeding areas for scorpions and other rodents

Palms really only need to be trimmed when fronds (or leaves) die off or are broken, or when the tree begins to flower or bear fruit.

Look for dead or dying fronds (leaves) on the tree

Look for broken fronds which should be removed before they are torn off and cause damage to the tree

Look for palm flowers and fruit stalks which use up energy and slow the growth of the tree

If you are trimming your tree yourself and you are not using a tree service, I do have some easy instructions on how to trim your palm tree. Feel free to stop by the HOA office and I will provide you with some easy instructions.