It Is Never Too Late to Get Into the Game

SunChix in their new outfits (left to right): Dianna Wreford, Barb Hall, Leslie Maach, Holly Benson, Melissa Craig, Roz Juve, Joan Boyle, Barb Wallace, Sue Stephenson, Shar Jerome (photo by Melissa Craig)

Sharlene Jerome

Tennis is truly one of those sports that you can play for a lifetime, which makes it one that you can begin to play at any age and be competitive. Take SunBird Tennis Club member and resident Barb Hall as the perfect example.

Barb only started playing tennis a couple of years ago. She was walking around the facilities and noticed a group of ladies playing doubles, so she sat down and just watched. She had never even considered the thought of playing until Dianna Wreford approached her that day and asked if she played. Barb said, “No,” which Dianna countered with, “Would you like to learn?” Barb immediately jumped at the chance; however, she did not have any tennis apparel or even a racquet. The club lent her a wooden racquet, and Barb came prepared to play in either her jeans or casual shorts. Barb admits to being a little intimidated, but co-captains of the SunChix, Joan Boyle and Melissa Craig, were overly gracious in teaching Barb the fundamentals. She was definitely committed to learning and improving. She literally hit every single day, either with people at the club or against a backboard at a neighboring park.

In the next couple of years, she was asked to join the SunChix, became the secretary for the Tennis Club, and was the coordinator for Monday’s Ladies’ Tennis. I can attest to the fact that Barb definitely paid it forward. As a new resident last year, Barb was the first person to befriend me and welcome me into the Tennis Club.

So, no matter how young or how old, the best thing to do is just Get Into the Game!