Card Scores


December winners:

12/01. 1st Jeanie Bertie 2980, 2nd Gleva Wiepking 1500, 3rd Harry Smelser 1350

12/08. 1st Ken Reidenbach 2860, 2nd Ray Cummings 2730, 3rd Gleva Wiepking 2690

12/15. 1st Ken Reidenbach 2270, 2nd Yvonne Petersen 2140, 3rd Ray Cummings 1730

12/22. 1st Harry Smelser 2140, 2nd Ken Reidenbach 1700, 3rd Yvonne Petersen 1410

12/29. 1st Harry Smelser 2660, 2nd Jeanie Bertie 2380, 3rd Ray Cummings 2260

Tuesday and Friday Texas Hold’em

Vic Kinser

We meet at 6 p.m. every Tuesday and Friday in the Navajo Room. We play a tournament-style Texas Hold’em Poker game with a $5 buy-in. Approximate payout for 1st 60%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 10%, plus a separate pot for high hand of the night. New players (men and women) are welcome. Games are hosted by Pat Kelly and Vic Kinser. If you have any questions, call or text 765-621-9252.

12/02. 1st Jim Brandon, 2nd Pete Gulatto, 3rd Vic Kinser; high hand pot Derald Feltman

12/06. 1st Chris Lano, 2nd Pat Kelly, 3rd Derald Feltman; high hand pot Sue Lane

12/09. 1st Jon Lane, 2nd Vic Kinser, 3rd Sue Lane; high hand pot Jerry Gilliland

12/13. 1st Chris Lano, 2nd Vic Kinser, 3rd Mark Geurkink; high hand pot Chris Lano

12/16. 1st Pete Gulatto, 2nd Lawrence Paschick, 3rd Jim Brandon; high hand pot Pete Gulatto

12/20. 1st Vic Kinser, 2nd Rich Novak, 3rd Jim Brandon; high hand pot Rich Novak

12/23. 1st Rich Novak, 2nd Derald Feltman, 3rd Pat Kelly; high hand pot (tie) Derald Feltman and Rich Novak

12/27. 1st Rich Novak, 2nd Mark Geurkink, 3rd Jan Colonna; high hand pot Jerry Gilliland

12/30. 1st Derald Feltman, 2nd Vic Kinser, 3rd Jim Brandon; high hand pot Derald Feltman


Darlene Thompson

We meet in the Pima Room, which is on the top floor, every Tuesday. We will be starting at 3 p.m. We have access to the room at 2:45 p.m. The Mah Jongg people have the room until then. Buy-in is 50 cents.

We must leave the chairs and tables where they are located at this time. We are allowed outside visitors now.

If you have any questions, please call Jackie Baker at 480-206-9078 and leave a message and she will get back to you.

December scores:

12/06. 1st Maurice Stein 798, 2nd Christine LaMont 772, 3rd Tom Gillis 748

12/13. 1st Marlene Hinkle 840, 2nd Harry Smelser 774, 3rd (tie) Darlene Thompson/Jackie Baker 770

12/20. 1st Yvonne Beloney 895, 2nd Jackie Baker 833, 3rd Maurice Stein 793

12/27. 1st Yvonne Beloney 854, 2nd Marlene Hinkle 770, 3rd Ken Reidenbach 761


Tonja Kinser

We play Euchre in the Lakeview Room on Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. Buy-in is 50 cents. Everyone is welcome. Please come early. Games are hosted by Tonja Kinser. If you have any questions, call or text 765-621-9251.

December scores:

12/04. 1st Tom Gillis 61, 2nd Darlene Thompson 60, 3rd Earl Reible 46

12/11. 1st Harry Smelser 62, 2nd (tie) Vic Kinser and Jo Frasure 48

12/18. 1st (tie) Tom Gillis and Tonja Kinser 58, 3rd (tie) Leo Froelich and Vic Kinser 57

12/25. Christmas (did not play)


John Valentine

We meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings in the Apache Room on the third floor. Buy-in is $1, and we start playing at 6:30 p.m. Please come early.

December scores:

12/05. 1st Gleva Wiepking 698, 2nd Tonja Kinser 697, 3rd Ken Reidenbach 721

12/07. 1st Linda Hearn 721, 2nd Pauline Cantera 715, 3rd Betty Flatt 709

12/12. 1st Gary Sheppard 707, 2nd (tie) Barb Filiere and Don Siegel 700

12/14. 1st Dennis Rittenback 714, 2nd Gary Sheppard 707, 3rd Wayne Blosh 703

12/19. 1st John Valentine 721, 2nd Tonja Kinser 706, 3rd Leon Thomas 702

12/21. 1st Dennis Rittenback 710, 2nd (tie) Ken Reidenbach and Gary Sheppard 703

12/26. 1st Linda Hearn 726, 2nd Tonja Kinser 710, 3rd Dennis Rittenback 705

12/28. 1st Jody Elkey 703, 2nd John Valentine 699, 3rd Vic Kinser 693