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Golf Course Carvings

(Photo courtesy of SunBird resident and photographer Kendall Ronning)

Duane Dub, Vice President, SBGC In 2021, we are showcasing the golf course carvings by highlighting a carving (or two) each month. Let us start with the history. In 2006, Leo Buries, our golf course manager, was left with dead and downed trees from the monsoon season. Rather than pay for the removal of the stumps,…

Horizon Room Staff Serve Golfing Lady Niners Luncheon

Niners celebrating Valentine's Day (left to right): Colleen Norgard, Lynette Martens, Jan Griffin, June Perdue, Sandy Ballou, Phyllis Zaccone, and Kitty Determan

Gail Schroeder The Niners’ Valentine’s Day and February Luncheon was organized by Mary Cravens and Eunice Duren, and prepared by our Horizon Room staff. This month’s luncheon was beef and chicken taco salad with chips and salsa, and for dessert, delicious red velvet chocolate cupcakes. Our monthly luncheons are put together by volunteers each month.…

Lady 18ers Hold SunBird Cup

SunBird Cup winners (left to right): Carol Garrett (second), Karen Gilmore (first), and Kaye Wulfekuhler (third)

Dana Marrs The Lady 18ers played their annual net tournament, the SunBird Cup, in February. Karen Gilmore played exemplary golf to win the tournament with a 63 and 60 for a net 133. Carol Garrett shot 70 and 58 for a net 128 (never give up). Kaye Wulfekuhler shot a steady 63 and 65 for…