Bocce Ball news

During October, November and December, 2015, the Bocce Ball Court will be open for free play from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. to all SunBird residents and guests.

The court is located at Champion Drive and Kerby Farms intersection. No parking is allowed on Championship. Only golf carts are allowed to park on gravel.

During the October, November, December months there will be some repairs and upgrades performed to accommodate club, group and team play to start in January 2016. Also during these months Bocce Ball committee members will be contacting SunBird social clubs and groups and teams to help all those interested in forming bocce ball leagues and teams. Those players who do not have bocce equipment will find a club set in the two- seater container at the south end of the court.

Please respect the surrounding homes by keeping noise down and not littering. Report any/all maintenance and damage problems to the SunBird office at 802-4901.

Watch the November and December 2015 SunBird News for more information.