Manager’s Report

Mary Murphy riding the dolphin at the opening of the new swimming pool.

Mary Murphy riding the dolphin at the opening of the new swimming pool.

The newly remodeled swimming pool now open has been an awesome addition to SunBird! SunBird now has the ability for multiple activities within the pool at the same time. During the first week of operation, staff has been learning the operations of the new equipment and time it takes to clean the more than doubled facility. Now that the equipment and operational procedures have been fine-tuned we have been able to adjust the hours of the swimming pool to open earlier. During the summer months, May through October, the clubhouse swimming pool will now be open at 6:00 a.m. weekdays (Monday through Friday). Please refer to the article in this newspaper regarding Clubhouse Swimming Pool Use Schedule.

A pre-grand opening ceremony was August 24 with about 150 in attendance. The swimming pool remodel project started construction on May 1 and was completed and opened one week earlier than scheduled. A short recognition and ribbon ceremony was held poolside with people lined on the balconies and stairs of the clubhouse to watch. The Planning Committee worked on these plans for years with many drawings, configurations and received bids last summer. The first phase of the swimming pool project was approved by the Board of Directors September 2014. The project included doubling the size of the swimming area by over two times its size from 1,450 square feet to 3,065 square feet. The water volume increased from 33,000 to 84,000 gallons. The deck was also increased from 6,250 to 8,300 square feet with beautiful artistic paver tiles. The Jacuzzi has a large spacious tile covered roof and has increased by almost double in size. A bathroom has been added outdoors along with an additional shower area and drinking fountain. The best part is that the pool is large enough to always have multiple activities, the leisure section (south side) open for use and the activity section (north side) used for scheduled activities like water aerobics, lap swimming and water volleyball.

The several contractors involved in this project did a fantastic and professional job. We would like to thank Ed Fletcher of Presidential Pools, Darell Van Tessel of Palladio General Contracting and Matt Scheer of Spartan Paving and Construction. We would also like to thank Marion Patterson and Chuck Warren for being the first to donate $1,000 each and campaigned for support to move forward with this, at the time, dream. Also the Board of Directors for careful consideration of this project and foresight of the positive impact a project of this importance adds to SunBird and the Planning Committee for the several years of planning and persistence of holding on to this idea. Last but not least, Planning Committee Chairperson Bill Hook was on the job site almost every day, hour and minute that work was going on—and when nothing was going on. SunBird Staff members John Smith, Chon Rocha, Steven Smith and Joe Anderson were very much an integral part of this project with the many unforeseen and quick changes that were modified during the construction of the new swimming pool.

The Sunbird Garden Club came to the rescue once again by getting involved with design, purchasing and assisting in the install of the new landscape plants and décor around the pool. The new landscape, lighting and tile for the clubhouse add the icing to the already beautiful cake.

We also appreciate the year-round residents who endured the hot temperatures of the summer without the clubhouse swimming pool. We are also thankful to the Springfield Community who allowed SunBird residents to use their swimming pool during the construction of SunBird’s pool. Come out and enjoy the new swimming pool with your friends and neighbors or just come sit and relax at this newly remodeled amenity.

Welcome back to those who have been away for the summer! We also welcome those who have been hibernating and enduring the summer from the heat. Come check out the new improvements made this summer in the dining area and some of our new menu items and specials! Enjoy the good food, service, views and people! See you here!