So what’s on your bucket list?

Bob Turns Debbie

Bob Turns Debbie

Adding some fitness activities to your schedule? Try Basic Social Dancing. The benefits are incredible—social, physical, mental, psychological and most of all—fun. You’ll never regret adding it to your lifetime of accomplishments.

Get ready for the incredible opportunities for your social life here at Sun Lakes. Dancing with your favorite partner is possible almost daily. And to make sure you are prepared to enjoy this fun activity to the fullest, Basic Social Dance classes are conveniently offered at Cottonwood in the Dance Studio.

Not memorizing complicated steps and movements for our fearless leaders; just hold your lovely lady in your arms and enjoy the music and her company. We use a KISS method (Keep It Super Simple) that takes out the work of learning and adds fun right from the start.

Feel free to invite friends or family members to join you on the dance floor. There are no residency restrictions.

For details on the classes available, or to get on the list to receive notices directly to your mailbox about the next session, call Mary Lou Kaye at 480-9393-1869 or email her at [email protected]. For even more information you can also visit her website: