Board of Directors Meeting Notes

Chuck Heitbrink, HOA Board Secretary

The board of directors had a regular business meeting on Nov. 20 in the ballroom of the clubhouse. The following are notes from this meeting.

Members present: Nancy Eckstein, Dirk Close, Jim Anderson, Dan Buescher, Bob Morris, Chuck Heitbrink, and Manager Layne Varney

The meeting was called to order at 10 a.m. by President Nancy Eckstein. There were over 65 residents in attendance.

The board reviewed the minutes of the Oct. 23, 2023, business meeting. No additions or corrections were recommended, minutes approved by common consent.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Jim with the year-to-date results through September 2023. Year-to-date revenue of $2,368,885 and expenses of $2,022,355. Revenue over expenses year to date was $346,530. Total cash on hand at month end was $1,706,874 with the following funds:

Operating Account $341,905

Contingency Fund $383,707

Reserve Fund $950,085

Capital Improvement Fund $10,475

Golf & Comm. Beautification Fund $20,703

The Treasurer’s Report approved by common consent.

Layne presented the Manager’s Report.

Administration: Seven late accounts for the second half of the year. First half of 2024 will be prepared and mailed Nov. 28.

Horizon Room: Dinner specials are available Monday through Saturday. The Sunday Buffet continues from 9 a.m. to noon. Several club and personal catering events are scheduled for the upcoming season. The Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet has very few seating options remaining.

Clubhouse: Road signs are being repainted along with the handicap parking signs. Several doors in the clubhouse are scheduled for repair. The sewer lift station was serviced, and a back-up motor was purchased for possible future emergencies.

Common Area: The grass around the clubhouse and sports courts/post office has been overseeded.

Patrol: The City of Chandler Police will be hosting a Crime Prevention seminar. The stop signs at Championship and Waterview have red flashing lights and red/white reflectors installed at the stop bar. Vehicle gate controls can be updated or changed by bringing your controls to the office. It is important that when residents leave the property through the pedestrian gates, the gate is latched when they leave. Continue to be vigilant for suspicious activity around the community.

Activities: Several activities have been scheduled through the end of the year, including the Flannel Fest, Community Day, and the ABBA Holly Jolly Concert. Residents were advised to check the website and the bi-monthly eblasts for the most up-to-date information.

Clubhouse Emergency Evacuation Plan: The evacuation plan was discussed, and information is available on the website, and maps are posted in each room in the clubhouse.

Committee Liaison Reports:

Architectural Control: Dirk reported that in October 55 permits were issued, and 34 have been issued so far for the month of November. The total for the year is 440. Residents were reminded that the weeds are beginning after the last rain. It is important that any project planned has a permit issued prior to the work beginning.

Finance: Jim reported that the committee did not meet this month.

HOA/Golf Board: Nancy reported that the committee meeting was canceled. The next meeting is Dec. 14.

Project Review: Dan reported that the quilt display case will be completed this month. The furniture for the outdoor stage area has been put in place, and the railings for the Sunrise patio have been installed.

Rules: Bob discussed the use of pet areas in the common areas. Residents are reminded to clean up after their pet. Several fruit trees have fruit on the ground, and leaving pet food outside will attract wild animals. The committee is conducting a study on traffic enforcement.

Welcoming & Marketing: Chuck reported that invitations to the annual new homeowner welcome event scheduled for Jan. 24 will be sent this week.

Layne reported the results of the recent board of directors election results, and the results were as follows:

Chuck Heitbrink- 528, Dave Edington – 383, Bob Lama – 349, Christine Nechvatal – 331, William (Bill) Moore, Jr. – 260, Michelle LeBlanc – 253.

The candidates receiving the most votes have been elected to the board of directors. Layne thanked the Election Committee for preparing, mailing, verifying, and tallying the votes. All the candidates were thanked for their interest in serving as a leader of the community.

Layne reported that Cox Communications has completed and has service available to 97% of the community. Fifty homes on Oakmont between Waterview and Doral have not been completed due to installation issues. Restoration work to property and streets has been completed, and a street sweeper is scheduled this week. The Patrol will be inspecting any areas that need further repairs. If you have areas that need repair, contact the office. The large steel plate on Coral Gable is scheduled to be repaired on Dec. 4.

Nancy advised the homeowners that another homeowner has filed litigation with the Superior Court concerning the funding of the Community & Golf Fund, and no ruling has been issued.

The Comment sheets were reviewed by Layne.

Homeowners’ comments were made at the meeting and were either answered by the board or will be communicated back to the individual who raised the question at the meeting.

Board members reminded residents of the importance of obeying the traffic signs and regulations and thanked the residents for attending.

Nancy advised the residents that our next board meeting would be on Dec. 18 due to the Christmas holiday. With no further business, she adjourned the meeting at 10:44 a.m.

The next scheduled board of directors meeting is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 23, 2024, at 10 a.m. in the ballroom.