Veterans’ Voice – January 2015

Art Sloane

A new charity that at this time does not have its 501(C)3 as a charity has a name very close to another legitimate charity and is soliciting funds through telephone calls. The legitimate charity is U.S. Vets, Inc. which houses veterans in need and homeless and retrains them. The charity with a name quite similar is U.S. Vets Home Corps. and is in the same building as the legitimate charity. Please ask a lot of questions before you give to any charity.

The Cactus Coast Guard which is composed of active duty, retired, reservists, CG Auxiliaries or anyone that served at one time in the CG has a new website. Please go to or see them on Facebook. You can obtain more information by calling 480-802-6810.

A way to help homeless veterans year round is to request a form to give a monthly donation automatically from your bank account from the Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness. Arizona StandDown is part of this coalition and at the end of the year you can take a tax credit if you are single of up to $200 or up to $400 if you are married. You may call this author at 480-802-6810 for a form or call the AZ Coalition to End Homelessness at 602-340-9393, ext 140.

The Golden Rule Challenge is a book nothing like its title. I recently read this book by George H. Lobdell. It is about his uncle, Col. Arthur Lobdell, who was the commanding officer of all German POW camps in the upper Midwest, mainly Iowa and Minnesota. Have you ever thought about who picked the crops or cut the trees during WWII with most of the men gone fighting? I found this a great read. There are a few of these hard bound books left and they may be purchased for $30 including postage from or send a check to Farabee Publishing, P.O. Box 322, Chandler, AZ 85244.

The Vietnam Wall is in Washington, D.C. but other walls that are copies of the original have toured the U.S. for years. This will not be needed in the future as the Town of Gilbert is in the process of raising funds to have a permanent one built on a seven acre parcel adjacent to Gilbert’s 9/11 Memorial. The monument will be 360 ft. long and eight ft. high. It will be etched with the 58,300 killed or missing in action from the Vietnam War. Other elements of the project will include a ceremonial flag, granite map of Vietnam, and a pavilion and visitors center. You may make a contribution to this project by sending a check to 1760 E. Pecos Rd. Suite 344, Gilbert, AZ 85295. Go to also on Facebook and Twitter. You can obtain more information by calling 480-400-9349.

Want to help veterans when you buy from Amazon? Simply go to any time you want to buy something; at your first visit you will be prompted to log in to your Amazon Account and select the charity you want to support. For eligible purchases of AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5 percent of the purchase to AZCEH, which is the Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness, the charity that includes Arizona StandDown for homeless veterans.

Art Sloane may be reached at  480-802-6810.