An outpouring of love

Ed Treglia

Benissimo in Italian, Wunderbar in German, Maravilloso in Spanish, Splendido in French or wonderful in English – when referenced to the benefit for Lori Littrell, they all have the same meaning – awesome. The Choose Hope extravaganza was an emotional showing and outpouring of love that would make any SunBird resident proud. This was evidenced by the full house two night performances. The preliminary planning was obvious by all the professional elements being in place. Was this production designed for the right audience? Was the show formally orchestrated for interest and enjoyment? Was the audience content and well satisfied with the outcome? Were preparatory arrangements well organized to please the audience? The answer to all these critical and vital ingredients for optimum success is a resounding yes.

The initial orchestration by producer Dr. Maddy Paschal to present a show worthy of the occasion was evident. The selection of numbers offered a variety of joy, hope, gospel, faith and a soothing reference of caring love. The I Love Lori Choose Hope fall concert was an uplifting array of music and song by numerous professional entertainers from Tucson to the East Valley. This was a heartfelt experience dedicated to a very special person and one of our own, Lori Littrell. To name any one performer would do a disservice to all who were superb while accentuating their hours of practice and effort. I will only say that they all fit the aforementioned opening expletives. However, there was one number that was so good and so powerful that I cannot resist breaking the rule I just made. Ron Butler sang a number from Phantom of the Opera that would qualify for any show playing on Broadway, Vegas or Hollywood. It was an outstanding presentation which put a punctuation mark on the character of the show. Finally, you cannot say enough about Dr. Maddy Paschal who produced, directed, introduced and sang in the show. She is an extraordinary talent with limitless ability which she unselfishly gives in support of someone in need. Her biggest asset is her loving willingness to give to others and we are certainly elated that she is a recurring part of our SunBird community. Those who attended could spread more public awareness of this production by impressing upon others the professionalism at SunBird.

This benefit for Lori was an exemplary effort and an outpouring of love for a person that has a serious malady infliction which the SunBird community caringly acknowledges her plight.