This, That and Other Stuff

Bob Neuman

We are indeed fortunate to live at SunBird for numerous reasons. In some ways it resembles a small town. Frequently a realtor is required for the purchase or sale of a home.

In 1979, I could see a bleak future after teaching 22 years. The salary was never sufficient and the standard elements necessary to teach were beginning to crack.

My next 22 years as a real estate broker were paradise in comparison to teaching. Indianapolis FC Tucker, privately owned for three generations, was extremely generous to those who succeeded.

My first caller was a lady who wanted to purchase. Because of a horrible sunburn she was unable to wear clothes. Would I come to her house? I grabbed the book of available houses and headed out. And she did buy a house. Teaching was never like this!

Dealing with potential buyers and sellers produced some strange moments. Of course, we sold other companies’ homes, too. This meant going there to pick up a key if the owner would not be home.

I unlocked one door and turned the knob. Something was jammed inside. Finally, I pushed and heard a thud. A loaded shotgun had been propped against the door.

I once handed a man my realtor card. He looked and asked, “What am I to do with your library card?”

While the couple stood behind me I knocked on the door and addressed the man on the other side. Told him who I was and our business there. Another look told me I was speaking to a reflection of myself. I can only imagine what the couple was thinking regarding my sanity.

I have been accosted by angry dogs, ferrets and cats. At an open house, a Siamese cat chased me all over the house. Others would escape out the door, leaving me to run them down. Small dogs barked and fastened their teeth on my pants cuff. (A kick in the chops usually settled that, once I was away from the owner).

The key did not always work when no one was home. One method I tried was a partial success. A lady and her little son were to see the house. Noticing a window unlocked, I opened it, and we agreed to put the boy through to unlock the door. I was not aware the house had a sunken floor. I pushed him through. He dropped like a bomb and began to wail. Finally after much coaxing by his mom, he unlocked the door.

A man with a very bad wig and represented by another company became irate at a closing and continually pounded the table as his toupee wiggled on his head. We awaited breathlessly for it to slide off, but he stopped one thump too soon.

There was the woman who asked what the monthly payment was. Inflation was rampant and the percentage was 15. When I told her, she fainted and rolled under the table. Her husband headed for the door while announcing they had been railroaded.

A real estate career can be lucrative if one works hard and smart. Hundreds of agents make it very competitive. For me, the monetary rewards and benefits were marvelous compared to my years in the classroom. And I did have fun with a few laughs along the way.