Short Line Model RR Club is back on track

The Short Line Model Railroad Club gets ready for the new season!

The Short Line Model Railroad Club gets ready for the new season!

Harry Huckemeyer

Hopefully, as we leave the monsoons behind us and we see the welcome signs of the yellow school buses back on the road, we all start to realize that the summer days are slowly passing by. As we approach Labor Day, known throughout the country as the official ending of the summer, we move rapidly into the fall season where things begin to happen in a hurry in our part of the country. It’s a good time to keep your calendars handy, as there are many opportunities for everybody to get out and enjoy life. The weather here becomes the envy of those in other parts of the country and there are many choices to be made to fill each hour of each day. Over the years we have found out that once we reach September things tend to really move out on the fast track and stay like that throughout our season.

For you railroad enthusiasts there are many opportunities right up to the end of the year with a variety of things to enjoy. If you’re active in the hobby, several train only swap meets will be available to the public. It’s a fun way to pass a couple of hours, and more importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to meet up with some of the local experts who are not afraid to say they still enjoy playing with trains. If you’re interested in the real thing, a short distance away is the Chandler Railroad Museum. A small trip up the 101 will bring you up to the McCormick/Stillman Railroad Park, where in October they have their annual rail fair which is open for two days. There many of the local model railroad clubs will have operating exhibits for all to see, plus refreshments, and rides which include a train ride around the scenic facility for those that are young at heart.

There’s more. Locally, several of the communities have their special Community Days in October and November where you can catch up on all the latest news on what’s happening in the area. There are also displays and a great opportunity to meet some new people, or perhaps neighbors that live close by. The Short Line Model Railroad is planning on having a working exhibit in at least a few of these locations, and are always happy to meet and talk to others that may have a similar interest. Once again, in December shortly before the holidays there will be the Open Houses open to the public for mostly the large scale outdoor model railroad layouts in several areas of the city, including some in the Sun Lakes area. These typically will be open for two weekends, and will be open in the evenings only. Again, check your calendars, or send us an email at [email protected] and we will try to help keep you informed.

As always, we certainly welcome anybody that believes they would like to get involved with our club. We’re going through a lot of changes which you may want to hear about. As the years pass by, technology is constantly changing and the model railroad world is no different. If you’re interested, feel free to call me at 480-802-4976, or send out an email to [email protected].