The spirit of charity

Rosie Vanderveen

We welcomed new members of Kare Bears: Sue Buescher, Marcie Franklin-Gascoyne and Emmy Belcourt.

Jan Davey from St Peter’s mission in Bapchule AZ, was the guest speaker at our meeting. St. Peter’s is located in the Gila River Indian Community whose capital is Sacaton. It also is the home of the famous Tohono O’odham baskets and birthplace of Ira Hayes, one of the soldiers who raised the flag at Iwo Jima.

The Mission was established in 1923. Franciscans started the school and developed a parish there in 1935. The school encompasses pre K through 8th grade. Students finish at various high schools to complete their education. The school has 250 students and they are ranked in the top 20 private schools. Their mission statement is Reverence, Responsibility , Respect.

The rate of diabetes in this community is the highest in the world. The mission of St. Peter Indian Mission Catholic School is to educate children to be grounded in God’s love to become respectful, reverent, and responsible citizens. The Franciscan Desert sisters provide health education and the spirit of compassion. Their mission is simplicity, poverty, and selfless love of God. Their main role is at the school is to teach.

Those who have helped with repairs and construction, in later years are Joe Archeola, Shea Builders, Phoenix Suns, and Cardinals.

Larry Fitzgerald has been a devoted volunteer providing St. Peter’s with 3 buses.

Students are bused from all areas of the community some students are picked up as early as 5:00 a.m. They are fed breakfast and early birds also take part in exercises essential to victims of diabetes.

There is a dire shortage of tutoring volunteers, between the hours of 9:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Birthday gifts are welcomed, as they celebrate each student’s special day every year.

A thrift store is located on site; if you would like to donate your time please contact Demi Belkert or Sue Macintire at 520 315 3835.

Our February KB fair in February did very well according to Sherry Fann.

Chicken Dinners are being delivered to those residents who have returned from a hospital visit and are housebound. Individuals can contact Lynn McHale directly at 480-620-6103 for more information.

Memorials – Juanita thanked Margaret Speers for her service in arranging the summer memorials. A new chairperson is needed to take her place. Please contact Emily Hughes if you are interested. Emily has written new procedures for memorials and Lynn McHale and Julia Roberts have been assigned the task of reviewing them.

Kare Bears donated $2000 to the HOA for the patio Refrigerator/Freezer.

Karebear Appreciation Luncheon will be held on March 27.

A Kare Bear contribution list will be published in the May SunBird News.

Alert: coming to SunBird in February of 2020, Elvis (Chance Tinder) will be in the building! More information to follow in future articles.

Alert: Karebears will host fashion show for the community in March of 2020; stay tuned for further details.