Chandler’s upcoming Code Enforcement

Recently, the City of Chandler’s Code Enforcement Office mailed out an advisory announcement that “Coming soon, Code Enforcement Inspectors will be visiting Chandler’s neighborhoods.” These inspectors are dedicated to work with all Chandler citizens to preserve all neighborhoods from blight and protect the public health, safety and welfare.

SunBird’s Architectural Control Committee has the same guidelines and goals to preserve our community from blight and protect our health, safety and welfare.

Currently, SunBird is a sought-after community with a waiting list to purchase SunBird’s houses. Following are three areas that appear on the Chandler’s Code Enforcement Office and the SunBird’s ACC Guidelines:

1. Weeds, Bushes, Trees and other Vegetation: Keep your exterior property free from overgrown grass, weeds, trees, bushes and shrubs.

2. Litter, Trash and Debris: Your property exterior must be kept free from any accumulation of litter, trash and/or debris.

3. Outside Storage: Must be kept out of public view. Items including, but not limited to, furniture, yard equipment, tools, building materials, vehicle parts, tires, appliances, cleaning equipment, landscaping equipment or boxes must be kept out of public view.

All SunBird homeowners can help retain the waiting list to purchase SunBird houses by following and abiding by our current ACC guidelines.