The Remodeling Corner

Janet Cook

It’s the holiday season! Here are some award winning products that you may not have heard about that could be an extra special something to give yourself to make life at home that much better!

All of us love low home maintenance! Keeping tile, grout, and especially glass walls or door in the shower looking clean is a challenge. Enduro Shield will coat the surfaces so you only need to wipe down with a damp cloth instead of having to squeegee dry. They even have a formulation for stainless steel. You can find this time and money saver at Home Depot.

Do you have or wish you had nightlights to help orient you in the dark? SnapPower Guide Light is an electrical outlet faceplate with three LED lights built in on the bottom, and a light sensor. It’s as simple as removing the old and snapping on the new! It costs about 10¢ a year to power. They also have a model with a USB port on the side.

GE has created an LED bulb with a slim and sleek shape that can fit in to light fixtures and lamps. It is called Bright Stik and it comes in daylight or soft white lighting. It lasts 50 percent longer and uses 20 percent less energy than compact fluorescent lights (CFL), and doesn’t have lead or mercury like CFLs do. Just remember to give old fluorescent lights to Home Depot or Lowe’s to dispose of properly, do NOT put those in the trash!

Want more security? Buy Ring, a smart wide lens video doorbell and motion detector. It uses your home’s wifi to show you on your electronic device who is at your door or in your front yard wherever you are. Pair that with August Smart Lock. You can open the door with your phone, give and revoke electronic key privileges. You can know when others arrive and leave. It can be set to automatically unlock when you approach, and lock when you leave.

Turn your bathroom into a spa with a Tornado Body Dryer. It fits into a corner of the shower, and will need 220 volt hook up to get that instant warm air to pre-warm the shower space, and be enveloped in warm air afterwards. It helps eliminate excess moisture in the air too.

Want to clean the air in your home? Plastics, glues, fabric treatments, paint and varnish give off gas toxic chemicals. Lauzon has developed an organic hardwood flooring product coated with titanium dioxide using nanotechnology that will purify up to 85 percent of the indoor air. It is called, Pure Genius and the company says the air purification is equivalent to work of three grown trees in the home!

Happy home remodeling! Have a Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!

Janet B. Cook, CAPS, President of Cook Remodeling who is celebrating their 37th year, invites you to visit their blog on for photos and more information.