Board notes – October 24, 2016

The Board of Directors met at 10:00 a.m. All members were present (Chuck Warren via telephone). Layne Varney was also in attendance.

Layne reported that 108 homes have been sold so far this year. The Food and Beverage Operations continues to grow in sales and service. The fish fry is growing in attendance and Sunday breakfast buffet is also returning back to seasonal attendance numbers. The bocce ball courts, approved by residents in July, are open for fun. Grand opening will be held on December 4. He is looking for volunteers to run the sound system for events. If you are interested, please contact the office. You will be trained.

Committee Reports:

Rules Committee – Nancy Eckstein reported that signage has been ordered for the Clubhouse and amenities stating rules, age restrictions, etc. The word STOP has been painted on roads at strategic places in the hope that residents become more aware of the need to stop. Tom Catri has rewritten the RV parking permit with a tear away section for Patrol to keep in the patrol vehicle. This will make it better to track the three day parking rule.

Finance Committee – Don Calvert reported that the new liquor license which was approved in September will not affect our insurance costs in any way.

ACC Committee – Pat McGonegle reported that they issued 40 permits since last report. In May, the Board approved new paint colors for homes and Pat reminded everyone to check for correct colors before painting. New lattice work will not be approved. Current lattice work is still allowed.

Going Green Committee – Jean Pritchard reported that the committee will purchase a container for plastic bottle recycling for the patio. The annual Shredding Day is scheduled for March 17, 2017. The committee is also going to work on more recycling events and the committee is looking for new members.

Long Range Planning Committee – Dee Brown-Knoeppel reported that blinds on the lower south/west windows were installed. The existing projector in the Lakeview Room will be ceiling mounted to project onto the existing West wall screen. A list of completed projects will be posted on the website along with funding information. A modified stop sign will be added to the island on the Championship/Augusta intersection.

The 2017 budget was approved with a $40 increase in homeowner dues. The increase will be allocated as follows: $10 to the Contingency Fund, $20 towards the Food and Beverage operation, and $10 for operational inflation increases.

The remodeling and expansion of the Horizon Room Kitchen in fiscal year 2017 from the Capital Improvement Fund when funds are available was approved. Cost of this project is approximately $138,585.

A room addition on the third level which would include an extended patio was approved. This project would be in several phases during fiscal year 2018 or sooner for an estimated cost of $175,000. This project would be funded out of the Capital Improvement Fund. Only when funds are available will the SunBird Board of Directors approve each phase of this project and/or contract so as to authorize the Project Manager the opportunity to manage inflationary costs of this project by purchasing select items early.

The purchase of 67 cases of 10 half inch plates, 23 cases of seven inch plates, 17 cases of six inch plates, 17 cases of china saucers, 12 cases of soup bowls, four cases of salad bowls, four cases of fruit bowls and 300 wine glasses for the Horizon Room at a cost of $9,000 to be taken out of the Reserve Fund, line item Horizon Room tables and chairs, etc. was approved.

Barb Ott, Chair of the Election Committee, reported that there are two positions open for the 2017 Board of Directors. Five persons are running: Shirley Clark, Gordon Lee, Walt Griffin, Frank Nechvatal and Jean Pritchard. Ballots will be sent out on November 7. December 15 is the voting deadline and votes will be counted on December 16. There was a meet and greet on Community Day, November 9, that gave residents the opportunity to meet the nominees.

Layne gave a brief report on the status of the 2016 Board of Director goals. The final report will be given at the November 28 Board Meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 a.m. by President Gordon Lee.

The next Board Meeting will be a combined Agenda Planning and Business Meeting Monday, December 12 at 10:00 a.m. in the Ballroom.