The Garden Club Hard at Work

Garden Club members Linda Knudsen, Jean Reedy, and Fran Stewart pulling weeds along Augusta

SunBird has experienced an unusual amount of rain and warmer temperatures this season, resulting in an overabundance of weeds. The weeds have been very healthy and plentiful and would take over the garden spaces in SunBird if not for the diligent efforts of the Garden Club volunteers. Over 20 women have been working each week to thin out the dead plants and remove the numerous weeds that have popped up. If you have enjoyed the beautiful garden spaces along your walk or ride, please thank these ladies for their hard work in keeping SunBird beautiful. Garden Club volunteers include Julie Anderson, Jeanne Berte, Jackie Cox, Ellie Doerksen, Laurie Doyle, Diane Dub, Marliyn Emmerton, Janet Girard, MJ Johnson, Linda Knudsen, Pat Pacelli, Sandy Patrick, Jean Reedy, Gup Stein, Fran Stewart, Karen Volk, Jenny Young, and Irene Zeppelin.

Thank you, ladies!