Thank You, Friends – April 2015

Jerry and Sue Misner

We want to thank six ladder’ haulin’, lemon pickin’ stalwarts who did such a good job of cleaning the lemons off of our tree. We are happy the fruit could be shared.

Thank you again!

A huge thank you to all who so generously pitched in with time, treasure and the uncanny ability to keep several wonderful secrets in the time leading up to my retirement party. Your cards, gifts and the amazing treat you pulled together by chipping in to cover the ticket for my sister were all incredible. Friends like you have made my decision to retire after a great 46 year career feels it is absolutely the right thing to do!

Golf, trips getting to know our beautiful Southwest close up instead of only from the air and time to relax here with all my SunBird pals, will easily replace my commute to Chicago (with the huge bonus of no more snowstorms)! I look forward to sharing time with each of you as the years unfold.

The small amount left over from your generous donations toward Toni’s ticket I paid forward to our SunBird Helping SunBird fund. She had a wonderful time and thanks you for your generosity. My other out of town guests also felt very much at home and I appreciate your warm welcome for all of them.

I had the world to choose from for a place to settle and finding this community proves what a lucky lady I am. You are the best!

Thank you again for everything!

Linda DiPalma