Tennis and the Reasons Why!

Perry Rollings

As we age, we all have the intention to maintain or work on our fitness. Intentions are all well and good, but faced with gym sessions, squats, and bench presses, the enthusiasm is difficult to maintain. Tennis develops bone strength, stamina, and flexibility and burns around 400 calories per hour. Scheduling to play with the Sunbird Tennis Club or friends within Sunbird also makes it less likely you’ll talk yourself out of your fitness plan.

Tennis is a sport that revolves around interaction with others in a very social, non-judgmental, and accepting environment. Tennis is underrated in its way of enhancing your social circle and developing useful connections. It isn’t surprising that many people have said that the mental and emotional benefits help in their overall well-being and success in other avenues of interest.

You may think of tennis as a great workout that can be done multiple times throughout the week, and you’d be absolutely correct. The physical benefits are undeniable and something we strive for at every point of life. Tennis and the Sunbird Tennis Club offer much more.

Please drop by and join us! We are on the courts on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 10 a.m. and Thursday and Friday at 9 a.m. Skill levels or number of years since you last touched a racket are irrelevant.