SunBird Rocks!

Julie Anderson

Many of you have noticed some beautifully-painted rocks hidden among shrubs and along the gravel paths in SunBird. What you might not know is we have a new SunBird resident who loves to paint and place these master-rocks anonymously! Last year, the Garden Club painted and hid a special rock each month, and the lucky “finder” each month won a gift certificate to the Horizon Room. Our anonymous painter has agreed to design and paint some new creations for the Garden Club to hide. Until then, enjoy the unexpected little jewels you find tucked into the landscape. Please leave them in place for the next person to enjoy. You never know, our artist in residence might place one in your landscaping. In the fall, the Garden Club will mix things up a bit and hide a larger, specialty rock, and we will start the monthly SunBird Rocks! contest again.