SunBird Patrol

Welcome to all the new homeowners, and welcome back to all the snowbirds.

Did you know that all traffic laws and signs apply not just to cars and trucks? The laws and signage apply to any mode of transportation using the roadways (bikes, golf carts, and e-bikes). So, in an effort to try to keep SunBird safe for everybody using our roads, please stop at all stop signs, because you never know if the other person is going to stop.

You may have noticed that we are stepping up our effort at keeping SunBird safe by adding some more traffic control devices around the community. We have picked out some trouble spots to try out these new devices to see if they help.

On another safety note, do not give a remote to your contractor. All contractors should be coming through the front gate. The reason for this is that if they are pulling a trailer into the community, the front gate is the only gate set up to stay open long enough to accommodate the extra length of the trailer. Hopefully, this will help with the barrier arms getting taken off at the resident-only gates. This would be the same as giving out your gate code to every delivery driver who may deliver to your residence. If you have given your gate code out to multiple contractors and delivery drivers, please come to the office and get a new code.

If you have an issue with your gate code not working, it may have been shut off. If the front gate attendant sees a landscaper, contractor, or Amazon driver using a code at the residents-only gate, they will mark that transaction, and that code will be shut off. So, please help us keep SunBird as safe as possible by only giving out your code to family members and trusted friends. By giving it to anyone else, you don’t know whom they are passing that code to.

Let’s all be kind and have a safe winter!

SunBird Patrol: 480-797-8605

For emergencies, dial 911.