Manager’s Report

The month of November is widely known as a time of thanksgiving and gratitude. SunBird has many veterans living here and residents who have family members who have served or are currently serving in the military. We will be honoring all military service personnel on Saturday, Nov. 11, at the clubhouse for our Veterans Day service. Without the many sacrifices of our service men and women, we would not have the rights and freedoms of life we enjoy each day. Let’s show gratitude to our veterans and be thankful for all the many luxuries we have in life. Thank you for your service.

No new break-ins have been reported in SunBird since the three homes that were broken into this past July near the crossroads of Oakmont Drive and Kerby Farms Road. Since becoming aware of this and informing the community, SunBird Patrol increased visibility and efforts, the Arizona Rangers have increased patrols, large signage was posted throughout the community, and it appears that this crime streak has ended. However, let’s not become complacent or reduce our efforts. Although SunBird is a gated community, it is not immune to crime. The crime rate in the City of Chandler, and especially SunBird, is very low. We all want to keep it that way. As more neighbors begin to return to SunBird, we encourage you to discuss ways to help improve crime prevention in your neighborhood. Please continue to keep up these efforts. If observing suspicious activity, report it immediately to the Chandler Police by dialing 911. The best way to fight crime is to have everyone actively involved in this effort. For some additional crime prevention ideas, please visit for tips from the City of Chandler Police Department, National Police Association, and the SunBird Patrol.

This summer, time and effort has been focused on cleaning both the exterior and interior of the clubhouse. The exterior of the clubhouse has been power washed and all windows cleaned. Balconies, decks, and patio areas have been cleaned and sealed. The ballroom roof was cleaned and recovered. The ballroom stage and cabinets have been re-stained and repaired. Each of the rooms has a designated number of tables and chairs to coordinate with the appropriate use of that room. All carpets and flooring have been treated and cleaned. The Horizon Room and kitchen have been reorganized and completely cleaned. Updates have been made to the electrical panels servicing the ballroom and Lapidary Room. SunBird’s clubhouse is one of the largest and most functional and offers a wide variety of amenities for many services and purposes. We appreciate all the staff, committees, clubs, and volunteers who help in keeping the clubhouse a place to be proud of.

Welcome back to our residents who are beginning to return to SunBird! When arriving, please stop by the office to check in and for a warm “welcome home.” Thank you to our brave residents who endured the summer heat and all of the road construction within and outside of SunBird. We are looking forward to having everyone back to enjoy a fun-filled season of many activities and events!