ACC Guidelines

ACC Committee

The State of Arizona has made some changes on signage and solicitations. The ACC Committee and the Rules & Compliance Committee have been working to incorporate these changes to the ACC Guidelines and the Rules & Regulations. These updates have been voted and approved by the board of directors.

The changes were made in the Signage area of the ACC Guidelines. The For Sale/For Rent signs must comply with the industry standard size of 18” x 24”, and the rider (if applicable) may not exceed 6” x 24”. The Political Signs area added the Association Specific Political Signs regulations.

The Rules and Regulations have the same changes as the ACC Guidelines, and they also made changes in the General Information area in regards to solicitations. Changes were also made in the Special Events, Resident Functions area.

If you would like a copy of the new ACC Guidelines or Rules & Regulations, you can pick these up at the HOA office or look at our website, Click on Documents and you will see a drop down menu. Click on Miscellaneous Documents.