SunBird Patrol

Dan Russell, Chief of Patrol

We hope this newsletter finds you and your family doing well, whether you are still here in SunBird or back home for the summer.

We have received several complaints about birdseed being thrown about the community, not only on HOA property, but on homeowners’ property as well. Birdseed attracts not only birds, but other wildlife, including rodents. Attracting rodents (roof rats, raccoons, skunks) contributes to destruction and unhealthy conditions within the community. It is also against HOA rules and is considered a criminal offense in the State of Arizona to feed the wildlife. Arizona Revised Statutes Criminal Code 13-2927A states, “A person commits unlawful feeding of wildlife by intentionally, knowingly or recklessly feeding, attracting or otherwise enticing wildlife into an area.” Please, as a courtesy to your neighbors and the community, do not spread birdseed.

On a safety note, we are asking that everyone, all motorized vehicles, slow down in and around the clubhouse. The speed limit around the clubhouse is 10 mph. This 10-mph area would include Waterview Street from the driving range to the post office parking lot and SunBird Blvd. from the speed bump by the Pro Shop to Waterview Street. The area around the clubhouse and pool is busy, and we certainly don’t want to see anyone get hurt. We have had several close calls with pedestrians and golf carts, and there have been parked vehicles hit. Please take a moment and slow down for everybody’s safety.

Smile 🙂 You’re on camera! The large trash/recyclable cans in area 1A are not HOA owned. They are paid for by homeowners living in the Villas. Please do not throw away your trash or recyclables in 1A if you do not pay to use those containers. If you have large items that will not fit into your garbage/recyclable cans, contact the City of Chandler Bulk Services at 480-782-3510 to schedule a free pickup of those larger items, or drop them off at their facility located at 955 E. Queen Creek Road.

For more information, you can visit the City of Chandler bulk pickup website at

Patrol would like to mention that if you are using the metal doors at the gates to walk outside the community, you will need a door code to exit and enter. Please contact the office for more information.

Have a safe and happy summer!