Manager’s Report

The spring heavenly weather has come and is going … going … gone, as temperatures are now approaching triple digits. Many of SunBird’s seasonal residents and visitors have either headed north or are in preparation of leaving to get away from the brutal temperatures of the summer months.

This has been an absolutely terrific season after two years of social distancing and activity restrictions. SunBird has hosted far more events, activities, concerts, shows, and entertainment than any period in the history of SunBird. Not only have we had the most activity of any time period in the history of SunBird, the attendance and participation in these events has also been much greater than ever before. The Spring Fling Luau and party was an awesome evening full of entertainment, fun, and dancing. With well over 1,000 people in attendance, the Islander performers, dancers, and fire throwers (nothing caught fire this time) and the music performance by Outside the Line seemed to be exactly what the doctor ordered to complete this season.

SunBird home sales continue at a rapid pace, with 34 sales in the first quarter of this year and more in escrow. Home values, especially in SunBird, continue to appreciate in value and with lists of people wanting to buy homes in SunBird, as reported by realtors. New developments, both commercial and residential, are in construction or planned at almost every available area of vacant land around the South Chandler and Gilbert areas.

A SunBird Town Hall meeting was held in the ballroom at the end of March, as a request from the SunBird Golf Club. The purpose of this meeting was to hear information concerning the Golf Club’s financial history and forecast, learn about a concern of storm water drainage, and learn more about their request for financial assistance. Over 500 residents attended this meeting, with many comments, questions, and statements from the audience. All of the questions from the audience were noted and recorded. Answers to these questions and additional information are being researched for response to these as best as possible. The presentation, questions, answers, and information are posted on the SunBird website at Some questions are still being researched with the City of Chandler officials and/or other experts to provide the most accurate answers and information. As information becomes available regarding this, it will be updated to the website.

As some of our SunBird residents have left or are traveling for the summer, SunBird’s E-Mail News Group is the best way to be informed on the latest news in SunBird. This email newsletter and special-notices program is intended to improve quick communication. If you are not registered for the SunBird email list or you are not sure if you are, please go to the SunBird website at, and click on the icon picture of the email chimp (monkey with a hat) at the bottom of the home page and follow the directions. After registering, a confirmation email will be sent directly to you to verify delivery. For more information or assistance, please feel free to contact the office.

Again, this has been an extremely busy season! We truly appreciate our many SunBird employees for all of their work and effort in making this such an enjoyable place to live!