Scandinavian Club Concludes Year with Nordic Dinner 

Ten leaders in the Scandinavian Club SEV met at Vice President Carolyn Hawkins’ home to plan the program for the 2022-23 club year. Pictured (left to right) are William “Butch” Hall, IT chair and board member; Ted Tollefsen, Welcome Committee chair; Suzanne Hofstrand, membership chair; Maynard Iverson, president; Carol Jacobsen, treasurer and board member; Al Buhl, board member; Carolyn Hawkins, vice president; Joan Anciaux, secretary; Sue Jordan, name tags chair; and Don Hofstrand, board member. Not pictured are Bill Brudvik, legal counsel, and Sue Born, board member.

The Scandinavian Club of the Southeast Valley met for its final meeting of the year on March 20, at the Cottonwood Country Club in Sun Lakes. The program featured a virtual tour of modern Iceland by Kristen Olafs, a native Icelander currently employed by ASU. The 80 participants enjoyed a traditional Nordic dinner of torsk (North Atlantic cod), toasted their lost members with Aquavit (Scandinavian equivalent to Everclear), approved a major revision of club bylaws, conducted a silent auction of regional artifacts, and devoted the proceeds from the 50/50 drawing to Ukrainian Relief. Eight board of directors members were approved. Four officers (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer) were later appointed by the board.

At its Executive Committee meeting on April 5, the board made plans for a Family Picnic in mid-October and identified program topics for the 2022-23 club year. After naming signatories for the club’s bank account, the board reviewed the March meeting and made recommendations for improving the meetings for the next year.

Membership in the club is open to anyone interested in Scandinavian culture. For information on the Scandinavian Club SEV, contact Maynard Iverson at 706-202-8558 or [email protected].