SunBird Ladies Golfing Niners

Gail Schroeder

Welcome back, SunBird Niners. What a summer all of us have had with the unusually hot and dangerous weather conditions! Whether it was the record-breaking temperatures here in Chandler or the tornados; the hurricanes; fires in Canada, Washington, and Oregon; and flooding everywhere, we’ve all experienced one of the hazardous changes of this year’s weather. Let’s hope for a better fall, winter, and spring this year to resume playing our favorite sport—golf.

The first monthly meeting of the Lady Niners will be held on the second Tuesday of November (Nov. 14). The meeting will be held in the Lakeview Room. Our 2023 board members are Judy Johnston, president-elect; Jo Mottet, vice president; Sue Froelich, secretary; and Bev Launer, treasurer. Be sure to come to the meeting to see what’s happening in 2023.