President’s Report, SunBird Golf Club

Dave White

Last month I wrote about our exceptional turf crew. This month I would like to tell you a little bit about our Golf Shop staff.

The Golf Shop staff are the first people that you see when you are checking in to play a round of golf. Most of their time is spent answering the phones taking tee time reservations or taking them in person when you walk in the door. They do an exceptional job dealing with all the different types of personalities that want our services. For the most part, all of the interactions are pleasant, but some are not. If you look at our reviews, you will see that the staff gets high marks.

Our staff consists of Rick, Dorothy, Ken, and Mike. They work on a daily basis. We have Laurie who comes in on Wednesday as a consultant. We also have Tom and Zach who work on putting the carts away. Terri does our email blasts. All of these people have made our business this summer one of the best in years.

When you see them, thank them for all that they do.