Only You Can Prevent Speed Bumps

The Rules Compliance Committee is partnering with HOA management, including Patrol, to create the Slow Down and Stop Campaign. It is no secret that traffic remains the number-one safety issue within SunBird. Several accidents have happened in SunBird that have resulted in injury to residents. These accidents more than likely could have been prevented if people were adhering to the speed limit law and/or stopping at the stop signs.

The plan is to implement a phased approach. Phase I will include flashing lights at one of the stop signs located at Waterview and Championship, along with a fresh stop bar and a stenciled word “STOP” painted on the road. Feedback on this phase of the program is welcome. Feel free to fill out a comment sheet found in the Billiards Room in the clubhouse, or email your feedback to [email protected].

The speed limit around the clubhouse is 10 mph. The speed limit in 1A (the villas) is 15 mph. All other speed limits within the community are 25 mph.

Let’s try to work together to prevent further injuries within SunBird. Please share this information with your friends and neighbors.