SunBird improvement projects continue to move forward

Layne Varney

Manager’s Report

It has been extremely hot in SunBird! Despite the high temperatures the operations, improvements and maintenance projects still move forward.

The 2016 road work has been completed. Some roads had the asphalt completely removed to the base and replaced with new asphalt, some cracks sealed and seal coated, and some had a slurry seal with one-quarter inch minus aggregate. SunBird Boulevard, including the Clubhouse parking lot, and Waterview Drive, including the parking lot, were also seal coated and re-stripped. Lake Forest Court, a cul-de-sac, was recently re-done with new seal coating due to the extreme heat the week it was originally installed earlier this summer. With the additional stress from large trucks turning in this cul-de-sac combined with the heat some of the seal coating did not properly cure and came loose. The road contractor took care of re-doing this area under warranty. The maintenance and replacement road work in SunBird this year turned out great.

One of the beautiful features of our large spacious Clubhouse is the number of glass windows all around the building on all levels. The Clubhouse has excellent views of the San Tan Mountain range, Estrella Mountain range, golf course and desert. One of the challenges with so many windows is the glare of the sunlight and the added heat that accompanies. New window blinds have been installed with high UV protection ratings to help control some of the sunlight and room temperatures. Not only that, they add a fresh new look replacing the old vertical blinds.

Lakeview Room balcony shade coverings have been installed. These shade coverings are just like the coverings over the Horizon Room balcony. This will help keep the direct sun light off the windows of the south and west sides of this room. The Lakeview Room varies drastically in temperature in different sections of the room due to its size and the number of windows.

The clubhouse has 23 air conditioners that are in full operation during the summer months of high temperatures trying to keep the inside comfortable. One of the three air conditioning five ton units that services the Horizon Room unexpectedly quit working and has been replaced with a new unit. The air conditioner had to be removed and replaced by a large crane reaching the third level roof of the Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse has had painting projects for specific areas in progress all summer long. The outside metal stair trim and railings supports, exterior metal rafters and patch and paint work to the bumps, nicks and dings throughout the building. Some re-landscaping will be done this fall of the Clubhouse swimming pool area.

The Fitness Room has been updated with two new larger televisions installed replacing the smaller ones. The smaller televisions have been re-located closer to the treadmills for better visibility and more options. Stained wood paneling and trim has been installed on some of the walls to add some décor and help minimize bumps, dents and dings to walls of the exercise equipment.

A new “SunBird Golf Resort” tile sign was installed on a block wall at the corner of Cooper Road and Hunt highway. The sign is very similar to the signs at the main entrance to SunBird at Riggs and Championship Drive. This will help expose the name of our community, SunBird, to those who commute along Hunt Highway and help people identify who we are.

The Horizon Room facilities and operations had received a random surprise inspection by the Maricopa County Environmental Division Health Department early this summer and was awarded an “A” rating. The swimming pools and Jacuzzis also had surprise inspections this summer conducted by the county health inspectors with everything found to be in compliance and a comment of how nice the swimming pools and facilities are constructed and maintained.

It has been a very productive summer so far with more work in progress and future planning to do. The work and planning never ends. That’s why we are always progressing to keep SunBird an attractive, functional and modern place to live.