Dr. John Hornak… “I did it my way”

Dr. John Hornak remembrance.

Dr. John Hornak remembrance.

Norm Littrell and Madelaine Paschal

As we walk through the quiet Ballroom to the deserted stage, we catch a glimpse of John’s face in the photo we are holding. The morning light has given us a moment to peruse his wonderful face, his gentle eyes, his knowing smile – a man we grew to know as a quiet, proud colleague with the soft melodious voice and kind heart. We are remembering Dr. John Hornak.

You see, John Hornak was a gracious, humble, highly educated, tremendously versatile and beautifully proud man. He earned degrees and awards in engineering and religion! He never bragged or wanted the spotlight. If he was needed he was there – never complaining, never slighting the team or the audience.

John loved to perform and did it well! In the early years of the SunBird Golf Resort variety shows, John would be the first to step up and step out, although he never thought he could and he did, and did it well. He explored his lovely voice and tried it out for every show. He sang for years in his church choir also. John, you see, was a man of faith and always believed his life was chosen for him by God, Himself.

John Hornak had a lovely shy, deeply sensitive side also. His eyes told the story of his sweet heart and so many times a moment in a show, on stage, would move him. He cherished the old gospel songs and especially loved the gospel shows for which he always volunteered to perform a favorite song. The country western venues delighted him and he would sing and dance for each as long as all of his friends were right there with him, and we were.

Seeing John’s face today in the morning light, we feel sure is God’s way of showing us once again that John is right here with us, smiling, softly talking to us, lifting our spirits and helping us plan for another season, another show, another gift to SunBird Golf Resort. He is right here, with so many other talented ones who have passed through God’s doors. “The show must go on,” he whispers, “because me and Edna Leddy and Lori, and all the others – we are with you. So break a leg. We’re countin’ on you to go on with the show and remember, my dear friends, I did it my way!”