SBGC President’s Report

Dave White, President, SunBird Golf Club

New Greens Mowers

As most of you who played golf this summer know, we had oil leaks on some of our greens from faulty mowers, which has now been solved.

On Aug. 25, 2022, the Golf Club purchased three Toro GR Flex 2120 walk behind mowers, along with trailers to get them around the course. The good thing about them is no oil hoses, so no leaks.

We started using the mowers on Sept. 27, and there is already a big improvement on the greens. It takes the crew about one and a half hours to mow the greens. The putting green by the first tee will be done first every day, and our hope is that all the other greens will be the same speed.

Reminder: “Cart path only” starts on the date we reopen, with plans to go off “cart path only” on Saturday, Nov. 19.

Please review the updated Golf Cart policy: All members and residents using their carts for a scheduled tee time must ride two per cart.