Men’s Golf Club News

Scott Moore

The SunBird Men’s Club monthly meeting was held on March 5. Two new members were welcomed into the club, Don McElheney and Darryl Joyce.

Although there were no aces for February, the men did get in their weekly contests around the weather throughout the month. Jack Cooper noted that the new Deuce Pot format is giving great results over the first few weeks of play. Payouts have been spread out amongst more of the Thursday participants than with the previous format. There will be weekly play through the end of April, so be sure and keep signing up throughout the month.

Once the regular season ends, the Summer League will begin play. Jack Cooper and Glen Ketchum will again be running these Summer League activities. They have been able to expand the outside play to include five dates between SunBird, Sun Lakes, Ironwood, and Palo Verde for this summer. The league kicks off May 9 at Springfield. Those who are interested should reach out to Jack or Glen for further information.

During the March 5 meeting, nominations were made and voted on for the positions of president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary for the Men’s Club 2024-25 season. Gordon Olson will once again serve as secretary, and Patrick Leach will again serve as treasurer. James Morgan will be the new vice president, and Jack Cooper will serve as president. Thank you to these four gentlemen for accepting these positions. Also, thank you to Scott Stohr and Bob Lama for your service for the 2023-24 season.

Hope to see you at the next meeting on Tuesday, April 2, at 9 a.m.