Manager’s Report

Happy New Year! Where did the year 2023 go? It went by way too fast. SunBird has had several excellent holiday events and activities this past month and is just getting started for this new year. Several recreational and sport leagues, social groups, and classes are also getting ready to start for the season. Stay tuned with our routine SunBird email blasts and SunBird website.

This past year Cox Communications spent the good part of the year in construction installing new fiber optic equipment and new cabling in SunBird for the option of their services with high-speed Internet, cable TV, or telephone. Cox reports they have completed 97% of SunBird, meaning service is available to all but 50 homes. These homes are located on Oakmont Drive between Waterview and Doral Drives. This section ended up having some obstacles in moving around the existing utilities lines in the area. Cox has reported that they have completed the restoration work to the roads and private property that was disturbed during the construction of this project. SunBird Patrol will be reviewing the roads for any areas that may have been missed or need additional attention from this work. Cox had a full team from sales to the installers here in the ballroom during Community Day to assist and answer any questions. If any areas of restoration were missed or need attention, please contact the SunBird office.

The Clubhouse Emergency Evacuation Plan was updated recently and has been posted in conspicuous places in each of the rooms in the clubhouse. It is not often; however, the clubhouse has been evacuated in the past when an odor of gas was detected and also during an electricity outage due to a storm. In case of an emergency, call 911. If at the clubhouse and unsure of whether there is an emergency, please contact the SunBird Patrol office or other staff members. If an emergency, notify those in the clubhouse and evacuate the clubhouse immediately.

The Emergency Evacuation Map highlights: 1) quick points of exit for each of the rooms and areas of the clubhouse, 2) location of emergency telephones, 3) location of first aid kits, 4) location of AEDs, 5) location of fire extinguishers, 6) emergency kits for Patrol are stored in key locations.

The clubhouse is equipped with emergency systems like battery backup lighted exit signage, battery backup lighting at the main hallway entrances/exits and stairways, and a battery backup system for the elevator to lower the carrier to the lower level only. The entire clubhouse is covered with an automatic fire sprinkler suppression system monitored by a 24-hour service. Fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, Ansul fire systems in the kitchens, and elevator are inspected regularly by service contractors. City of Chandler Fire Station #7, located on Gilbert Road just south of Riggs Road, routinely visits and walks through the clubhouse to refresh and become familiar with the clubhouse layout. SunBird Patrol has clubhouse evacuation plans and will be reviewing these with staff at their upcoming meetings. Although emergency evacuations are not common, it is best to be prepared and have a plan in case of an emergency.

The City of Chandler Police Department Crime Prevention team made a presentation this past month here at SunBird that focused on home crime and scam prevention. It was reported that the Police Department offers a vacation watch program that homeowners can register to utilize if they plan on leaving their home vacant for a long period of time. For more information about this program or to register, please visit this link: The officers also reported one of the best home crime prevention tools is getting to know your neighbors and becoming aware of the normal activity of the area. It was strongly encouraged to call 911 immediately if suspicious, dangerous, or threatening activity is taking place. If there is a question of whether or not to call 911, persons can call the police non-emergency number 480-782-4130. For other tips regarding leaving your home vacant for a long period of time, please refer to the SunBird website

During the past month, several SunBird clubs, groups, and organizations have had various types of fundraisers and collections for local charities. We want to thank all those who organized these events and service opportunities and appreciate all of those who have generously participated. Hartford Elementary School (located in a lower income area of Chandler) faculty each year place a Christmas tree in the clubhouse hallway with notes of gift ideas for the children for those who would like to help. It is quite a sight each day to see the numerous gifts left for the children. The students and faculty of the school wanted to express their appreciation to the SunBird community for all of your support and especially for making this time a year a little better for them.