Manager’s Report

The month of November is widely known as a time of thanksgiving and gratitude. SunBird has many veterans living here and/or have family members who served, or have passed on and/or family members currently serving. We will be honoring all service personnel on Friday, Nov. 11, in the clubhouse ballroom for our Veterans Day service. Without the many sacrifices of our service people, we would not have the freedoms and luxuries of life we enjoy each day. Let’s show gratitude to our veterans and be thankful for all the many luxuries we have in life. Thank you for your service.

As the weather begins to cool and more residents begin to return to SunBird, we look forward to an exciting season. Many new activities and popular events have been planned for everyone. We anticipate the clubhouse and recreational facilities will be at full capacity more than ever before as we continue to expand our entertainment variety.

The Food and Beverage Operation is an integral part of life for residents at SunBird. It provides a gathering place for residents and their guests to come together to eat, drink, and socialize in a friendly atmosphere. Some changes were made in the Horizon Room restaurant operation this September with the goal in mind of working towards more consistent hours, quality food, and service. At this time, we are in the process of building a strong team to move forward to better meet our goals. The Horizon Room team is talented with great experience; however, it continues to be operating short of fully staffed. This year and still during this time, it has been and continues to be very difficult to find potential qualified candidates to fill positions of work. Thank you for your patience as we look to complete and improve these services. The Horizon Room is still open for limited times and service until we find the persons and complete the team.

Cox Communications announced that SunBird has been moved forward in the schedule by two months and should already be in construction. They will be installing new fiber optic Internet, cable, and telephone services as an option to all SunBird residents. Section Unit 1A of SunBird is the only section of SunBird that currently has Cox services as an option. The installation project is scheduled to be completed approximately within about eight months. Cox will be sharing the construction schedule of each neighborhood with SunBird, which will be posted and updated on the SunBird website. During the construction and installation, a representative from Cox will also be available weekly at the clubhouse to answer any questions and provide updates on the project. More information will be forthcoming as it develops.

New outdoor stage and patio area should be complete by the time this article is read. This project was originally scheduled to be completed in August. However, we have experienced several delays due to labor shortages and supply chain issues. The custom stair rails and handrails and custom shade coverings have both been delayed, but are anticipated to be completed soon. The new concrete patio, stairs, lights, and landscape around the new stage are looking great. The goal is to have this all completed and ready for the outdoor music party.

The clubhouse swimming pool had some delays during the construction project due to labor shortages and supply chain issues with the plaster. Initially, the delay was reported to be a minimum of two additional weeks. After discussion with the contractor, scheduling changes were made, and the swimming pool project was completed on Saturday, Oct. 15, with only a five-day delay. The Oakmont swimming pool is also having this same work done which began on Monday, Oct. 17. At this location, during this same time period, the laundry room flooring will be removed, sub flooring repaired, and new one installed. Both projects are anticipated to be complete on Monday, Oct. 31.

SunBird’s website has been updated and is updated regularly. Check our website to find out the latest news and information of what’s going on in SunBird. SunBird’s activities, meetings, calendars, clubs, groups, and organizations have contact information that can be accessed at The SunBird website has a variety of information about the community and, most of all, the applications and forms needed. Come visit us.

When returning back to SunBird, stop by the clubhouse to check out all of the updated and new improvement projects. Don’t forget to please stop by the SunBird office for a warm greeting of “welcome back” and to check back in. SunBird has many fun and exciting activities planned, with a packed schedule this year. Let’s have some fun!

We truly appreciate our board of directors, many committees, clubs, groups, and residents who help in various ways to make SunBird a great place to live! Have a wonderful Veterans Day and a Happy Thanksgiving!