Line Dancing with Judee – April 2015

Dancers who attended the Sunday, March 1 line dance at SunBird.

Dancers who attended the Sunday, March 1 line dance at SunBird.

To have had the opportunity to teach line dancing at SunBird for 15 plus years makes me realize how important it is to dancers who really embrace and understand what I teach them, understand my philosophy and the reasons for how I teach and then watch them dance is rewarding for everyone.

While we dance we don’t think about problems affecting the world, our friends, our families and ourselves; our body replacements, injuries, surgeries and ongoing health problems; unexpected and unsettling conflicts with schedules and other people who don’t understand changed schedules; (not often) the windy, rainy weather outside. We are always thankful it is not snow.

What I see and appreciate are very nice people concentrating, thinking, exercising minds and bodies, smiling, clapping, dancing and having fun! They are the dancers who know the dances, steps and patterns; they know their limits and skills for dances being taught because they can listen, have no learning disabilities and don’t follow others; they know what they need to learn and practice to make dances easier; they are committed to their classes and wouldn’t miss them except for trips, illnesses, injuries (as this is life and they know I’m still there when they come back and vice versa). God Bless line dancing!

If you are a year round resident, you may join this activity in SunBird before we stop for summer by calling Judee Curtis at 480-802-0201 after 10:00 a.m. Your class would be Ultra Basics on Monday afternoons plus Free Steps and Patterns classes throughout the year. If you love to learn while dancing, you’ll be happy you made that call today.

At this time of the year it would not be easy or fair to all dancers to start classes now for just a short time for part-time residents. We will welcome and register dancers again next September or later along with our coming back dancers (CBDs). CBDs do stay in touch and we love that! We look forward to your call to register when you come back.