Patrol Report – April 2015

Ray Taylor

As we enter the month of April we find ourselves thinking about the hot weather ahead. When the weather gets hot, sometimes our tempers get a little on the hot side. Try not to get mad at others especially when we are driving. Many of our current residents are getting ready to return to the north country. They have many things on their minds and are likely to make some driving mistakes. We, as the lucky ones who get to stay in Arizona all year round, need to be a little more forgiving. After all, before long we’ll be able to find a parking space close to the Clubhouse (if it’s in the shade).

I’ve been asked several questions lately. One requested that we spend a little more time outside the guardhouse checking the visitors closer. The problem with this idea is the design of the guardhouse being so close to Riggs Road. Any unnecessary delay could cause traffic to back up obstructing eastbound Riggs Rd. This would be very dangerous to vehicles making a left turn from westbound Riggs into the gate area. There is room for approximately three cars to enter which brings up another problem which has been talked about. When allowed to enter through the visitors’ entrance, most vehicles are starting from the stop position. Vehicles entering from the owners’ side are entering from a higher speed making for a problem when visiting traffic merges with the owners’ traffic.

The job of the officer assigned to the gate can become very difficult without placing him in the sun all day long. Many other subdivisions have a roof over the entrance or some form of shade to protect the officer from the dangers of the sun. That’s not mentioning the dangers the traffic can cause. They do an outstanding job now. My theory is if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

Stay healthy, keep walking wearing bright clothing and use pin on lights if you have them. If your choice is to wear dark clothing because that’s all you have handy, keep in mind we may not find the wet spot in the road until morning. Remember, we have no place to go and plenty of time to get there!

Patrol February 2015 Report:

Vehicle Parking Violations 14

Golf Cart Parking Violations 0

Recreational Vehicles Parking 15

Hours Using Speed Radar Gun 3

Vehicles Complying w/Limit 114

Vehicles Exceeding Speed Limit 9

Failure to Stop at Sign 10

Unleashed Dog/Cat Reports 3

Abusing Facilities 1

Unauthorized Visitor 0

Obnoxious Behavior 2

Violating Rules 1

Suspicious Persons 3

Suspicious Vehicles 3

Soliciting 2

Garage Doors Left Open 10

Theft Reports 0

Well Check 5

Alarm Response 1

Fire/Medical Asst 1

Homeowner/Guests Assistance 88

Denied entry 69