Horizon Room – More than the decor is changing

Layne Varney

Julie Mathis, our food and beverage manager, the Horizon Room team, and the Horizon Room task force have had fun brainstorming your ideas and suggestions over the summer. Now let’s see them in action this fall and winter!

Awards: As you may already know, we have an awards system now. When you dine or join us for beverages, we reward you with points that can be used towards anything you purchase as an individual in the Horizon Room (not valid for groups or events). Keep an eye out for “Flash Sales” where you will receive double points!

Account card: Having a hard time remembering which email your points are under? We have your back. Ask your server for an “account card.” It’s the size of a business card, and you can print your email address on it for easy access.

Appetizer menu: We have added a couple of requested items to the appetizer menu and now serve the full appetizer menu on both Wednesday and Thursday. We are bringing back hotdogs for Sunday football. Here’s the catch—the more you eat, the more the menu will expand. In other words, if Sunday football becomes popular and more people are eating, we can offer the full appetizer menu, pizza, or other items, and bring in a cook. As of this publication, only about 12 hotdogs per Sunday are being sold, which does not warrant the need for a cook.

Extended Hours! The Horizon Room will be open for food service until 7 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays. Again, if people are coming in at 6:30 to 6:45 p.m., we will extend the hours to 7:30 p.m. So be sure to take advantage of the new hours. The more you use them, the more we know whether it’s working or not.

Wine menu: We now have a house wine at $4 glass and a bit more upscale wine at $6 per glass. Again, the more you try the new wines, the more we will expand the options. If the next tier wines receive a lot of attention, we will add one more tier. Keep an eye out for new varieties and give them a try.

Dinner menu twice a week: A full dinner menu had been offered only on Tuesday, with different specials each week and month. Now get ready for this—a full dinner menu will also be offered on Fridays. Yep, you read that correctly. Full dinner menus on both Tuesday and Friday. Friday’s special will be the full fish fry menu each week. This is the only special that will not be changing.

Catering: Use the new “checklist” catering value menu if you have budget restraints for your upcoming golf tournament or other events. You pick and choose the items that you would like according to your budget. Again, we will continue to monitor this menu and make changes as needed. Julie will continue to accommodate fancier lunches and dinners (tablecloths, set up, and so on) and a more creative menu. You just give her your budget, and she will help you with menu options.

Quality control: The point of service (POS) system is working wonderfully. It takes a little time to get used to, so as everyone starts to return, we will be going through another “learning curve,” but it won’t take long, and everyone will become familiar with our new streamlined system. Orders will be placed sooner, food will be served more quickly, splitting checks will become easier, and with the “thumbs up/thumbs down” function, you can provide immediate feedback so we can immediately try to correct any errors or praise any special service. Quality control starts with everyone working together, so please comment right away, in person, to your server if your food is not to your liking. We cannot fix something if we do not know about it. Use the thumbs up or down with your honest opinion. Our new POS system tracks the most popular items, comments, and number of customers, which all give us real data to help us make decisions on new items and let go of what’s not selling well. We cannot stress this enough: Help us help you.

If you have comments or suggestions for the menu or other items in the Horizon Room, use the HOA comment box (by the office). However, if your comments have to do with your current service or food, please tell your server or use the thumbs up or down function, then add your comments when paying your bill. This allows the food and beverage team and task force to correct what is not working or consider other items. The food and beverage team has regular training at their staff meetings. An HOA task force oversees comments, suggestions, and customer service, while the finance committee and the HOA board oversee the finances, and our new POS system in place monitors quality control. Working together is our goal to continue to offer great food, service, and darn good prices with quality service and food.

A special thank you to the food and beverage team and task force members: George Adams, Janelle Cernich, Joan Lemons, Teri Namon, and Tammy Bachofner.

Bon appetit! We hope to see you soon.

Again, please attend the SunBird board of directors meetings that will resume in September to hear and comment on facts firsthand. For more information, refer to the August 2019 SunBird News or the SunBird website. If you have any questions, contact the SunBird office at 480-802-4901.