Manager’s Report

Layne Varney

What awesome weather we’re having! Welcome back to our many friends and neighbors who have returned to enjoy the good life at SunBird. It has been an extremely busy year, and most of our planned summer projects have been completed. The clubhouse looks great with new vibrant flooring, bright fresh paint colors, new decor, and much more. You have to come check it out!

The operating budget and plans for 2020 are nearing final approval. The budget process began in April of this year and has been under study and review over the past three months. Some of the major capital improvement, replacement, and maintenance plans that are being considered for the year 2020 are:

1) Clubhouse exterior painting with updated colors

2) Remodeling clubhouse main floor restrooms

3) Updating and painting the ballroom

4) Road maintenance and replacement of scheduled areas

5) Common area landscape refurbish project phase 3 completing the replacement of the old blue line irrigation system

6) Remodel the laundry room and other miscellaneous projects

Over the next couple of years, we are focusing on keeping our facilities and amenities up to date. A good strategy of consistent fund savings and a master plan is key to SunBird current and future success.

Sport courts 1 and 2 have finally been completed with a brand new blue base color. The grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony was held Oct. 4 with about 80 tennis and pickleball players in attendance. The ribbon to new sport courts 1 and 2 was cut together by Christine Terechnok, Tennis Club president, and Marianna Buescher, pickleball president, with a huge applause and celebration music. The weather was terrific and an awesome day to play ball. We appreciate both clubs working together to improve the sport courts and make them even better for everyone.

The month of November is widely known as a time of thanksgiving and gratitude. SunBird has many veterans living here, as well as those with family members serving, have served, or have passed on. We will be honoring all service persons on Nov. 11, in the ballroom at our Veterans Day program. Without the many sacrifices of our service people, we would not have the freedoms and luxuries of life we enjoy each day. Let’s show gratitude to our veterans and be thankful for what we have. Thank you for your service.

As the weather begins to cool and more residents begin to return to SunBird, we look forward to an exciting season. Many new activities and popular events have been planned for everyone. We anticipate the clubhouse and recreational facilities will be at full capacity more than ever before as we continue to expand our entertainment variety.

We truly appreciate our many clubs, groups, and residents who help in various ways to make SunBird a great place to live! Have a wonderful Veterans Day and a happy Thanksgiving!