CRAB Auction and Tournament scheduled for November 15 & 16

Norman Ott

It is almost here—the CRAB (Canadians, Roadrunners, Americans, and Bandits), aka the Team Championship, Tournament and Auction, that is. These events that support the SunBird Golf Course represent one of the best, if not the best, fundraisers for the golf club. As mentioned in previous articles, this fundraiser has raised about $130,000 to date since its inception (including entry fees, auctions, and 50/50 drawings). The cost of managing a golf course day-to-day and maintaining and updating the necessary equipment to do the job is not cheap. Fundraisers such as the CRAB event allow the course to do special projects and purchase better equipment to keep the SunBird course a beautiful and desirable place to play that, in turn, helps to enhance our personal property values.

The major part of this fundraising event is the auction which will be held on Friday, Nov. 15, at 2 p.m. on the clubhouse patio. It is only through the participation of the community, both golfers and non-golfers alike, by their auction donations as well as their bidding and purchasing of these items that have allowed this part of the event to be a success through the years, and we are asking for your participation once again. John and Marsha Brockish are heading up the solicitation of donations again this year, such as used or new golf equipment and supplies, baked goods, gift baskets, certificates for the Horizon Room and other local restaurants, certificates for local businesses, among others—these are always big sellers. Contact John, Marsha, or one of the team captains listed below to make a donation or for questions. Your participation is appreciated.

The other part of the two-day event is the golf tournament that is a competition between the Canadian, Roadrunner, American, and Bandit teams. Each foursome will have a member of each team in it. A total of 10 points in each foursome is awarded to the players according to where they finished: four points to the lowest score, one to the highest score, three to second place, and two to third place. The team with the most points at the end of the round is declared the CRAB champion.

The American team is on a string of around four straight championships. Is this the year for them to be unseated? Remember, this is a fundraiser for the golf course, so all proceeds go to that purpose. There are no cash prizes for the winners—only bragging rights. Team captains are Wes Akerman and Dean Huyghebaert (Canadians), Russ Bower (Roadrunners), Jack Cooper (Americans), and Dean Tucker (Bandits). Let’s shoot for maximum participation by contacting your team captain. If you have never played before and would like to, please contact one of the team captains or the pro shop, and they will place you.