Garden Club field trip

SunBird Garden Club

SunBird Garden Club

On April 7, the SunBird Garden Club is taking a field trip to Agritopia. This is an excellent example of urban gardening. After the garden tour, the group will go to Joe’s BBQ in Gilbert for lunch. This area includes the original homestead, winery and brew pub plus three dining options; Joe’s Grill, a vegetarian restaurant or pizza. Bring your sunglasses and a hat, as the sun gets pretty intense this time of year.

March was a busy month for the members of the SunBird Garden Club. With the help of some of the HOA landscape crew, several club members tore out the overgrown bushes and poorly-planted items in the area of the east parking lot.

The developer had planted many green plants in an effort to entice buyers, but after 20-plus years, they were overgrown and needed to be removed. A riverbed now decorates one area, while a few simple cacti were planted in other areas.

All items enhance the area but are drought tolerant, needing little or no regular watering. Thanks for a job well done.

Indoors, Shirley Goodman and her crew dusted and polished all the artificial potted plants. Thanks, gals, for giving of your time to brighten the inside of the SunBird Clubhouse.

Don’t forget that those weeds keep coming all year long. SunBird Garden Club Weeders, under the direction of Toni Greisiger, need help with several small-planted beds this summer (May through October). If anyone (club member or not) can lend a hand to tame those pesky weeds, please call Toni at 480-895-4459.