SunBird American/Italian Club meeting notice

Frank Nechvatal

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. Bob Sciaretta presented a proposed addition to the bylaws. His proposal would create an “Honorary Status” in the club. This status would be open to any member with 10 or more years in the club. These Honorary members would become exempt from paying dues and could attend meetings, social events and other activities as a non-voting member. The only exception would be social events with a cost. The Honorary member would still be obligated to pay for the special event. (Due to the need to publish this article, it was done before the vote was taken. Results will be published in the May newspaper.)

It was announced that the club would be losing three members. Helen Sciciliano is departing SunBird to live in Texas near family. Herb and Jo Zielke will be leaving to return to Illinois in order to be closer to their family. We wish them well, a safe journey and best wishes for the future.

Planning for the April meeting on the patio, potluck sign-up sheets were circulated for those willing to come to indicate if they will bring an entrée, salad or dessert.

The March meeting featured a sub sandwich for members to munch on while they watched a video from the PBS The Italian Americans series. The video was the second episode of four. The remaining two episodes will be played next season.