From the Rules Committee

Chris Nechvatal

What is the necessity of Rules and Regulations in a homeowners association? These Rules and Regulations are a supplement to the CC&R’S of SunBird and the ACC Guidelines. They provide policies for the use of the common areas and facilities, the personal conduct of homeowners, tenants, guests and hirees and to establish penalties for infractions. The intent of these rules is To preserve and protect the lifestyle of our community; to maintain and enhance its values, beauty, unity and service to property homeowners, tenants and guests; and to assure continuity of a community where friendliness, cooperation and respect for the rights of others will prevail.

Members are encouraged to offer suggestions on ways that SunBird can be further improved. Suggestion/Comment Sheets are available in the clubhouse near the office. Suggestions may be directed to the Board of Directors, the General Manager or the Rules Compliance Committee. Suggestions should be made in writing, including signature, address and telephone number. They will be forwarded to the board or the appropriate committee or staff for review.

The entire Rules and Regulations booklet is available online at or may be picked up at the HOA Office in the clubhouse.