Tribute to a Fabulous Decade and the people that made it happen

Pat Thomas

This article is written to pay tribute to the end of a decade like no other in SunBird and to the incredible people who made it happen.

You’ve heard the quote, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Never has a quote been more applicable to describe the past 12 years at SunBird.

It all started with a small group of people who decided they had talent; SunBird had a nice stage and they wanted to put on a show. Well, they did it, and it was well received. Need I say more … the stage, the lights, the applause … they wanted to do more!

All of that spirited energy needed a leader to contain and point it in the right direction to be productive. Many of you know or are familiar with Norm Littrell. Well, by sheer osmosis, he became the Producer and Director for the 12 years to follow.

I can’t even begin to write an adequate article describing what went into producing the many shows the community enjoyed. There is so much more than performing that goes into the making of a show. You have the staging, set design, painting scenery, writing, sound, lighting, costumes, make-up and that barely scratches the surface.

Energy begets energy, and you could feel the creative energy gathering at SunBird. Very quickly, a core group began to form. Seven dedicated people became the glue, the foundation that made everything happen for 12 years.

Norm Littrell – Producer and Director

Frank Losito – Assist Producer (passed away two years later)

Michael Leddy – Co-Director, Set Builder, Comedian and Singer

Edna Leddy – Artist, Comedian and Singer

Marlene Weese – Co-Producer, Co-Director, Writer, Artist, Comedian and Singer

Pat Thomas – Set Designer, Artist, Writer, Make-up Artist, Comedian and Singer

Bill Reid – Sound Technician

John Hornak – Creative, Singer and Comedian

Additional talent from the surrounding towns joined the core group, performing in a wide variety of shows. The group produced everything from gospel, country western, cabaret, nostalgia and a show honoring the veterans.

Monies from the shows went toward golf course improvements, a new sound system in the ballroom, sound booth, stage expansion and many other projects through the HOA.

The SunBird community extends their gratitude to each participant for the many hours of enjoyment they gave us. Now it’s time for a change, and the stage is available to the new people who have moved into the neighborhood. We anxiously look forward to their creative works.

The following names are only the SunBird participants: Patti Anderson, Joyce Bae, Owen Bae, Jack Barber, Merle Bartlet, Sam Bastin, Jim Brandon, John Brockish, Leo Buries, Bill Capeloto, Kate Chambers, Wayne Chambers, Elmer Crohn, Ethel Crohn, Elaine Friesen, James Gascoyne, Marcie Gascoyne, Ethel Koch, John Pfalz, Mary Pilon, Fred Pilon, Betti Sue Perkins, Jodie Perkins, Vera Pollack, Becky Sargeant, Kerry Shuster, Dean Tucker, Don Vanlaningham, Earl Walker, Bruce Walker, Ginger Walker, Gene Zimmerley, Debbie Zimmerley, Steve Loers, Rusty Walker and Larry Wroblewski.