Don’t Forget to Vote—Board of Directors Elections

The SunBird Golf Resort Homeowners Association will have three board of directors seats open for election this year. Two are for three-year terms, and one is for a one-year term of service. The two candidates receiving the most votes will be elected to two-year terms. The candidate information was published in the October issue of the SunBird News, as well as the SunBird website and SunBird E-blast, and posted at the clubhouse.

Two homeowners have expressed interest in filling these positions by completing the candidate application forms and submitting a campaign statement to the Election Committee. Although we have two candidates and three positions available, an election process is still required for candidates to be elected to serve on the board.

Ballots have been sent to all SunBird homeowners, with the deadline for returning Nov. 15 by 4 p.m. If a ballot is not received, please contact the SunBird office at 480-802-4901.