Curiosity Thrives at New Adventures in Learning

Jan Bobbett and Mary Kenny

New Adventures in Learning (NA) offers an engaging variety of lectures, roundtable discussions, language classes, book clubs, tech support, and much more throughout its 2022 fall semester that will keep our curiosity alive and our minds challenged. The program was developed for anyone wanting the benefits that lifelong learning offers to older adults in the Southeast Valley. It continues to do just that, semester after semester!

Consider the upcoming presentation if you ever spent time on Route 66 or just wondered about the history and magic of this famous road. In the class Myth of the Mother Road, Bill Gates will explore why Route 66, decommissioned as a federal highway nearly 40 years ago, continues to hold a unique position in America’s collective memory. This is not a travelogue. It is a look at how nostalgia plays an important role in shaping how we view our country.

Bill Gates is a retired newspaper editor. At one point, late in his career, he was founding editor of a monthly newspaper devoted to Route 66.

Here is a sample of other classes that begin in November:

* The Disappeared Grandchildren of Argentina’s Dirty War

* Create Art with John

* Vaccines Then and Now

* Introduction to Deepwater Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

* Eastern and Southeastern Arizona Sights

* Trending Scams

* The Art of Conversation – Salons for Seniors

* What Is Autism and the Autism Spectrum?

To accommodate members who enjoy the interaction and social component of in-person classes, there are plenty of presentations in the Sun Lakes Center classrooms. For those who wish to participate via Zoom from home or while away from the area, they also will find a selection of topics to consider.

Fall registration remains open throughout the semester with new classes beginning almost weekly, so there’s still time to register for those classes that begin in November and December. For a detailed list of fall semester classes and brief bios of volunteer presenters, go to the New Adventures website,

New Adventures is a not-for-profit, volunteer-led membership organization affiliated with Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC). Annual membership is $60, and the semester administration fee is $20 for each semester you enroll in classes.

New Adventures remains a bargain compared to other lifelong learning programs, which charge $40 or more per class. We don’t charge per class, so your dues and semester fee allow you to take as many classes as you wish at no additional cost. Also, when you become a member of New Adventures, you become a student of CGCC and are eligible for student discounts on many college and community activities.

In-person classes are held at the CGCC Sun Lakes Center located at the corner of Alma School and Riggs Roads in Sun Lakes.

Ready to become a member or have questions? Call 480-857-5500 or email us at [email protected].