Ceramics Corner

Dry brushing

Suzanne Popelka

“I can’t do that!” was my exclamation when I saw the beautiful objects displayed in the lighted case just outside the Ceramics Room on the second floor of the Horizon Room. “We will show you,” was the answer from such helpful people who attend ceramics. “But that takes more talent than I have,” I thought. But I was wrong.

After joining the Ceramics Club, I very quickly learned how to clean greenware and glaze bisque pieces using three coats of gorgeous colored glazes and crystals. I learned how to know when to low fire, mid-fire, and high-fire pieces, so when they come out of the “Magic Kiln,” they look absolutely amazing. I also learned a technique called “Dry Brush Painting” where you paint the entire bisque piece black, dark blue, gray, etc., and work your way up using a dry brush with a minimal amount of paint to add depth, shading, and highlighting details. I was also taught various ways to add sparkle and shine to these pieces, as well as striping and stenciling techniques, and the list goes on and on.

I can’t brag enough about the friendships I have formed at Ceramics, the advice I have been given, and, of course, the breathtaking pieces I have displayed in my yard and my home. And guess what I found out … I can do that!